I help women and men find, create and build amazing relationships by reconnecting with their authentic selves.

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In 2006, I was traveling with a friend in India and we were taking a break on this quiet beach in Goa. As I stared out at the water and the peaceful sunset, I said to her:

“This is ultimate Christine. This is who I am. I love adventure and I have this endless curiosity about both romantic relationships and how to create a life that feels completely “me” and “real”.

She smiled.

I remember feeling this sense of freedom in that moment thinking about what my life could be like if I followed through with my deep desire to help others both create a life they loved AND form lasting romantic relationships. I knew I could help others deepen their connection with their partner, let go of constraints that were getting in the way of finding a new partner or turn their ‘fantasy life’ into their ‘real life’.

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