According to a recent study, more than 35% of relationships now start online. But, what do you do if you’ve tried online dating and so far it hasn’t worked out? (not that it won’t!) Or, maybe you’re just not ready for online and want to try your hand at your very own meet-cute in the offline world. No matter the reason, rest assured that plenty – and I mean millions and millions – of relationships still start offline. And it happens every day. This post, my friend, is all about unexpected places to meet a man offline – and none of them is a bar.

1. Bookstore

The local book shop or library can be a great place to meet a likeminded guy. Consider spending a Saturday afternoon sipping on a coffee and browsing the shelves for a new read at a busy book store or central library. You’re sure to encounter many men and will have the advantage of knowing they enjoy reading, and if they’re holding a book or in a particular section, you’ll also know at least one of their interests. Making a simple comment on a topic you clearly have in common is just being open so go for it.

2. Grocery store

Everyone has to eat and everyone shops for groceries. While it might seem a little mundane, the reality is that the grocery store is the perfect place to bump into someone new. There’s no pressure, it’s easy to start a conversation (think, “Which pasta brand would you recommend?”) and it’s even easier to jump out of a conversation if you’re not feeling a spark. Weekday evenings and especially Sunday evenings are prime time for singles to get their groceries.

3. Dog Park

There’s something about a man with a dog that just melts hearts, right? Whether you already have a dog or offer to walk a friend’s, head over to the local dog park on a busy afternoon. Feeling nervous about starting a conversation? Ask about his dog. “What’s your dog’s name?” or “What breed is your dog?” is sure to get the conversation flowing. Then, once you’re more comfortable, you can turn the topic to him.

4. Volunteering

What I love about this idea is you get to meet lots of new people, but you’re also doing something that will better the community and make you feel fantastic. Consider volunteering at a clothing drive, charity event or even sign up for a walkathon. You’ll be surrounded by people with good hearts who have come together for a common cause. Plus, once again, you have something easy and pressure-free to talk about.

5. Public Transit

Those of you who take public transit probably spend hours, if not tens of hours, every single week getting from Point A to Point B. Instead of catching a nap or trying to pass an hour by staring into your phone, I encourage you to take a seat next to someone you find interesting and just start there. Even if you only smile or say “hello” to someone new each time you got on the train or bus, imagine how many new people you’d meet a week. Heck, your next destination may very well be a first date. Of course, I know what you are thinking, you don’t want weird people chatting with you – so just focus in on those who, just like you, have a healthy lifestyle and need to get from point A to B.

6. Home Improvement Store

If you’ve ever spent time in a home improvement store, it likely doesn’t surprise you that the customer base is made up of mainly men. So, why not kill two birds with one stone by taking on a DIY project around your place and meet a new guy? Consider enrolling in a weekend workshop (many home improvement stores regularly run them) or finally tackling that Pinterest DIY project you’ve been eyeing for months. While at the store, ask a few people for their opinions or advice and see where the conversation takes you. Even if you don’t wind up with a date, you’ll have learned a new skill and will feel seriously accomplished. One last tip is think of all the things on your “to buy” list and see which ones can be bought at a home improvement store – duct tape, cleaning supplies, coat hooks, etc. And again, you may not “pick up” but you will gain more confidence in “just having a normal conversation with someone you find attractive.” Practice, practice and have fun with it!

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