• Thank you Christine for your beauty, grace, brilliance and generosity – an honor and a pleasure to partner with you. I love you.

    Alison Armstrong
    Alison Armstrong CEO of PAX Programs & author of The Queen’s Code
  • Great class tonight! You were fabulous!!! Thank you so much for inviting me. Let me know when you are teaching next. The bit you talked about men needing to go to the well to think about a question you have asked them was extremely valuable! I felt really bad after hearing that because I have definitely cut off a few men before they could answer. It may be a difficult thing to do, but I think extremely worth the wait. You really hit home with that one! :)

    Tanya Kaynes
    Tanya Kaynes
  • Christine has been an inspiration to me in many ways.  The most lasting impression she has left on me is to always remember to be myself and hold true to my inner queen.  To never be what I think someone wants me to be and to show myself the same respect that I desire. I have learned form her that it is OK to have expectations and to express my feelings about them — And most importantly to never feel guilty about the way I feel.  I am blessed to have had Christine’s influence on my love life and personal life!

    Kaylin McClain
    Kaylin McClain
  • Christine has so much knowledge and wisdom to share about dating do’s and don’ts. She offers the simplest of tips on how we can deepen into ourselves and attract the lover of our dreams.  I highly recommend Christine to anyone who is ready to learn and practice dating skills that work!   No more excuses.

    Karen Klassen
    Karen Klassen The Enlightened Love Coach, Co-creator of the Power Completion 90 Day Challenge
  • Christine has assisted many to attract a romantic partner into their lives with her company, YourDateCoach Inc. Her alignment with PAX Programs allows her to provide documented statistical information to help all of us understand the opposite sex and ourselves. Christine is passionate about her role, warm, friendly and very approachable with some funny and inspiring real life stories.

    Eileen Head
    Eileen Head Life Equations Inc
  • I have had the privilege of knowing Christine over the past two years with the opportunity to have many social one on one discussions. Her approach to relationship advice is fun, enlightening AND applicable. I also had the opportunity to hear Christine share her wisdom and tips at a workshop event. She is engaging, light and very informative. I have put her advice to practice and I am now in relationship with the LOVE of my life.

    Katharina Knodel
    Katharina Knodel
  • Although I have been blessed to have been in a wonderful relationship since before meeting Christine, I have had many occasions to sit down and talk with her about life, passions, and the intricacies of self-employment. She is an incredibly thoughtful woman who dances in the very essence of honest, genuine charm. Our conversations have always left me positive and inspired, and her natural wisdom and poise gives the impression, whether concious or not, that she is a true mentor in every sense. Without those conversations, and her incredible support I would not be in the position or have the confidence I do today.

    Nate Schmold
    Nate Schmold 80BIT Illustration & Design
  • Specifically two that come to mind are: write down and accomplish 6 things about your business each day and do the least amount of work for the most amount of profit. To this day, I accomplish writing down and for the most part  doing my six things  each day.  The second principle – whenever I enter a meeting or contemplate a new idea for my speed dating service this is my first thought. It truly helps me focus on and move forward in each decision I make for the business. Christine has also been influential in my personal life.  I always prided myself on being a great dater – this is partly why I bought Six Minute Dates – I know dating.  What I was missing from my life was the next step – I could get all the dates I wanted to keep me busy – but the relationship eluded me.  Christine helped me see that what I really wanted was an honest to goodness relationship.  Now whenever I date someone new, my perspective is no longer short term – but I look at the bigger picture.  I haven’t found him yet, but the journey has been a lot smoother once I focused in on what was most important to me.  I have Christine’s coaching to thank for that. Thank-you Christine for coaching me to have focus not only in my business but more importantly in my love life!

    Cara Anderson
    Cara Anderson President and CEO, Calgary’s Premier Speed Dating Company
  • Christine Hart is most likely the most open, responsive, and accepting person I know. She listens with her eyes, and responds with (sometimes brutal) honesty that leaves me not only questioning my decisions, but actually taking action for positive change. Her dedication to helping others is an admirable quality, and is the true motivation behind her career. It has been a pleasure collaborating with her on several projects, and in the process, I have been fortunate enough to gain a friend and mentor.

    Marlise Kast
    Marlise Kast Author and Journalist
  • Over the past year I have spoken at length with Christine Hart about various subjects relating to male/female issues. During all of our conversations, she was always able to give wonderful advice in regards to relationships. This dating coach knows what she is talking about!!

    Benjamin Myers
    Benjamin Myers
  • I am still in a relationship with Sean. I really believe I have you to thank for helping me get my head on straight. I often recommend you when I am speaking to single people. I wanted you to know that I appreciate what you did for me.

    Dale W
    Dale W
  • You've really helped me to gain a confidence I had lost in dating and I have more trust in the process now. It's exciting to feel that dating and meeting people is still viable.

  • ...I've certainly found my soulmate 😉 I cannot believe a relationship could be this awesome when you find the right person to have it with. I'm glad I took a risk to go out there and meet new people ;-D

    Michelle A
  • Before partnering with Christine, I felt that there was little hope and no time to meet Mr. Right. Christine listened attentively to my past struggles in relationships and provided me with the light to see life beyond my ex’s. In just four sessions, Christine showed me how to make my love life a priority and empowered me to know that there’s ample hope in my search. She also provided me with resources, tips and suggestions to make the journey fun. I feel 100% more confident that I will find the right partner. Thanks Christine for sharing your wisdom and expertise. The investment was worth every minute and penny!

  • Christine knows so much and makes it connect in my life. Her stories explained alot of my past experiences. The presentation will certainly help make some sense to my current circumstance. Just great. I can hardly wait for the next one.

  • With Christine’s guidance I have changed the pattern of my dating woes. I now make more appropriate choices regarding potential partners. I recognize more quickly if I should spend time getting to know someone or move on. In past relationships I have spent YEARS in limbo. I also have greater confidence in myself and a clearer picture of what I have to offer and what I should expect. A better understanding of the opposite sex and how they think has greatly improved my ability to communicate. As I navigate the dating world there is less angst and I have a much larger scope of where to actually go in the city to meet eligible singles! Dating has become a more positive experience. I have introduced Christine to friends and each have said they were enlightened by her informed suggestions. Than you Christine for your continued insightful wisdom and advice!

  • Last year at this time, I was in the dumps.. literally. I was burnt out at work and not getting what I wanted out of my eight hours a day there. A woman who I was really interested in had turned me down. And to cap it off, I had just lost my grandfather. All in all.. 2011 was turning out to be a very crappy year. I knew I had to make a change, and where I sensed the highest amount of frustration was with my love life. I asked myself what was wrong with it, and answered myself, ” You.. you are the reason you aren’t having any success with women “. From that, I decided to see if a date coach would be for me. And boy is it eve !!. After meeting with Christine only once face to face, she immediately knew where I was coming from with my problems, and in that first meeting, gave me things to experiment with that actually worked !!! And not in a month or two of me starting to do them. They started to work inside two days !! That’s right, two days. The frustration had started to slip away, my confidence was starting to grow and build on itself in ways I never thought it could. So much so, that inside a month of meeting with Christine I met someone and we started dating soon after, and I had someone else flirting with me as well. Talk about a complete reversal of where I was at before I started to meet with my ” Date Doctor “. Not only did she help transform my love life, but my life in general with her insight and wisdom. She will (give) an honest, b.s free perspective on whatever you are seeking advice about, but the same goes for her as a life coach as well. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, she is a double threat. So if you are having trouble with your love life, you want to make some life changes, or maybe both as I did, then I implore you to go and pick up the phone and call Christine. The free phone session she offers so you can get to know her and she can get to know you is all you might need to start making the changes you want to make like I did, so you can live life to the fullest for every single moment you are here. After all, you are only here once.

  • Before I met you four months ago I had just gotten out of an unhealthy relationship and was totally down on myself. Through your guidance and dating advice during our one on one meetings, I have learned so much about myself and have used this new found knowledge to meet and maintain great friendships with so many new people. Thanks for everything!

  • I used to have this really strong belief that it was impossible to meet single men. I was also aware of some resistance that I had toward meeting people, which wasn’t helping. I didn’t know what to expect from our sessions, but was relieved to find that all of her recommendations were tailored to suit my personality. During my 4 sessions with her I was given assignments and readings that led me to understand the kind of person I wanted to meet, and gave me the confidence to expect nothing less. I learned how to release my resistance and allow things to happen, and it is a process that feels great. My thoughts are much more positive and my whole life seems to be affected. All of my old doubts about relationships have been lifted, and I am confident this new path will take me where I want to go. Christine is a bright, friendly, energetic, wealth of knowledge!

  • I loved the amazing people and the way the class created an environment to bring forth the Feminine Energy. I loved the wisdom and specific teachings on men vs. women.

  • My dating life had left me totally confused and frustrated. After working with Christine, I have learned to allow my feminine side shine through and she helped me remember that dating can be a lot of fun!

  • Before working with Christine, my confidence was low and I was having difficulty finding venues to meet others. Since working with her, my confidence and optimism is now 80% better than before I began working with her. I noticed powerful results after just 2 sessions with her, and I even noticed changes in how I relate to others around me. For the first time, I can now envision a fuller, more complete life path for myself and that feels absolutely fantastic!

  • I loved the whole group of fabulous women. I learned from everyone. It was inspiring to see the growth in those around me. It’s given me new perspective.

  • I liked the personal experiences brought out by Christine. There was a lot of meaningful content with practical suggestions. I really liked the one-to-one weekly communication that was included in the workshop. Christine was absolutely invaluable.

  • I really liked being able to sink into the abyss of my ‘worthiness’ and allowing my ‘uglies’ to surface. I like the fellowship of our group as it allowed me to feel safe, explore and celebrate the new me!

  • Before partnering with Christine, my hope of meeting “Mr. Right” was very low and I felt that I would either have to ‘settle’ or be alone for the rest of my life. I had been married for 20 years and then dated intermittently in between one serious relationship. I had not learned the fundamentals of online dating or person-to-person contact. I was shown how to communicate with men effectively and once I knew, it was so much easier and enjoyable. Soon after, “Mr.Right” found me! Thank you so much Christine for helping me achieve success with meeting, relating and communicating with men so effectively. I have learned so much invaluable information under your guidance. You are a master in your field and I would highly recommend you!

  • Christine, I look up to your vibrant self expression. You’re so cool! I love the warmth and love you bring to every moment. Thank you for being a role model to me and also being so fun.

  • Wow! You are a fantastic coach and a wonderful cheerleader. Your energy is a radiant light of love, support, compassion and empowerment.

  • You are such an inspiration. Your heart shines through your eyes. Thank you for taking such good care of me – every piece of advice you gave was right on and helped me grow. Thank you.

  • You have truly demonstrated your leadership through your wisdom and listening to our questions and concerns. Your coaching hits the mark! 

  • I love your enthusiasm, your generosity and your love of helping others. You saved me more than once from being stuck. You inspired me and pushed me to be more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Thank you so much for everything. I am so happy to have had so many wonderful coaching calls with you. It really gave me the connection and safety that I needed to go for it. Thank you!

  • You are THE coach. I love your commitment, your wisdom and your passion. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for your amazing heart and voice – you have touched my life in so many ways. I love and appreciate you.

  • Thank you for all your help this year. I don’t know what I would have done without you to guide me and give me advice.

  • Thank you for being an amazing coach and a bright, sparkling presence.

  • Thank you for your awesome coaching. Your sweet and wise guidance has helped me help so many people in New York!

  • Your smiling eyes gave me a settled soul and the belief I could stand on that scary stage. Many times we passed in the hall, your smile gave me peace.

  • I am so happy that I had the chance to connect with you personally. You’re so generous with yourself. I admire you and your wisdom and who you show up as in the world. You hold a space that provides comfort and confidence. I have enjoyed all my coaching calls with you. Thank you for your support.

  • You have been such a treasure for me. Your advice and generous listening has made all the difference for me. Thank you for being on my team and in my tribe. 

  • Thank you for your love, your guidance and your leadership. I really appreciate your ‘extra tips’ along the way.

  • Thank you for your invaluable coaching and always holding the space on the call. You are such a blessing to PAX and to the world.

  • You are so amazing and I am in awe of your leadership and wisdom. I appreciate you working personally with me and creating the time to coach me. I love you!

  • Your presence is so powerful. Your growth journey so evident. Your executive consciousness is a calming container that invites me to relax and listen. THANK YOU for authentically being you and in the process freeing me to step more fully into myself. That is the big game you are up to. Awesome!

  • Thank you for your graceful leadership and for blessing us with your magical singing voice! I look forward to buying your cd’s to keep the romance alive in my life! :)

  • Thank you for your love, patience, wisdom and high fashion. :) I really appreciate you. You are a leader.

  • Thank you for your kindness and generosity – you are a precious, gentle spirit and I have LOVED being in your presence!

  • Your coaching this year was a huge contribution to me. Telling me to ‘protect the Queen’ was a turning point for me in setting boundaries and asking for what I need. BC/AC (Before Christine/After Christine) – I’ll never be the same and I’m forever grateful. I love you.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for our meeting yesterday. You are a god amongst dating coaches! You seriously rock. I made all the changes we talked about last night and got a message this morning from a real babe. I’m really looking forward to using the things we talked about moving forward. Thank You

  • Thank you! You are amazing! I really appreciate your honesty and editing my profile.

  • I enjoyed the presentation from Christine Hart. I look forward to more sessions from her for our Meetups. Thank you.

  • Great night, she was funny, witty, informative and entertaining.

  • Christine was a great speaker. Two hours wasn’t enough to get an indepth understanding of the issue, but she gave us a great introduction and some useful tips to put into practice.

  • Just great. My first experience, from a personal level, at looking at the relationship scene in 37 years. I gained knowledge and wisdom. Iris had great questions. Panel was so forth coming with honest and straight forward answers. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole session

  • I’m definitely looking forward to hosting another Panel Live event, I really enjoyed the discussion, questions and insights shared by the Panel!

  • Christine, I wanted to let you know that the tools you have given me have really helped when I’m interacting with men! I never realized the impact of my negative ‘self-talk’ and the way I’ve been communicating with men has been so masculine. I’m now so aware of when I’m doing this and immediately shifting back into my more feminine side – and keeping my sexy edge! I no longer see men as a challenge. I just see them as people to connect with and trust. Just the other day, I met a guy at a party and, for the first time, didn’t make myself out to be a ‘super busy’ girl, just talked to him and enjoyed myself – and he asked for my number!

  • Working with you has been a big learning process for me. I have a lot more confidence in my behaviour around guys I am interested in and I feel I have way more ability to make strong decisions regarding dating. No longer do I waste time in relationships that just aren’t good for me! Thanks again,

  • Since meeting with you, I have said ‘hi’ to six women (the first one was at 7:15am on my block), flirted with the bank teller at lunchtime, booked a coffee date for Sunday at 1:00 and have someone else coming over to my place to watch a movie on Saturday night. I may have to stop myself from doing too much as I am now seeing three women casually!

  • Hi Christine! I’ve read through my “homework” and with help from a girlfriend, “reinstated” a guy that I had previously blown off…and we have a date Friday…haha!

  • I really appreciated the 2 visits we already had and got a lot of great information out of it that I will continue to apply. I will also go get some of the books you recommended and keep education myself. You’ve set me off on the right track and I’m looking forward to reaping the rewards. I won’t hesitate to recommend you and call you back myself later on if I need it.

  • You are absolutely awesome. I just can’t believe how much my life has changed since I met with you. Your advice was “bang on” (Canadian term for perfect, eh?) As it turns out the lady I mentioned to you and I are now dating on a regular and exclusive bases. We have a great deal in common, it is almost like we have known each other for years. She is sensitive and romantic, just what I have been longing for and she likes me, too. (extra bonus) My confidence is restored, I am very busy doing things that I enjoy and am really happy. I don’t even think of what’s her name anymore. Thanks so much,

  • I am so thankful that I started coaching with you. I think just the decision to do things differently and take action to move me closer to my long term goals, has made all the difference. I am feeling happier and more confident than ever – what a gift! Thank you Christine!”

  • Good morning Christine, I want to thank you so very much for an incredibly informative session last night at Chalkers. I came with no expectations but immediately I saw and learned so very much, both about how emotional relationships start, build and succeed as well as some things about “safety” that I had never realized. At 57, I have been to many lectures, seminars and presentations but frankly yours last night was likely the only one of those that I found myself agreeing with 100% of the presenter’s observations and conclusions. Kudos!! That you have done your own focus groups and your own baseline research is incredibly valuable. If your presentation had just been based upon restating other’s research and opinions I would never have been so captivated and intently interested. You are an inspired presenter and you have great and important insight to present.

    George C