Inside the Male Brain

6 Part Audio Series


… Getting what you most need and desire from men
… Appreciating men and yourself more
… Really understanding men and knowing how to communicate with them

Experience these results…

Much more love, happiness, peace and fun in your relationships

Feeling appreciated and adored by men

Receiving more acts of romance or other expressions of love and respect

Feeling more comfortable, confident, spontaneous and self-expressed with men in a variety of situations

Having more respect and compassion for men in general

Having a greater experience of the unique power of women

Experiencing less conflict, frustration and disappointment

And… longer having to be the ‘man’ in your own life (this is something women complain to me about ALL the time!)

Benefits to You

This 6 part audio series will help you understand why men do what they do. You will find out what not to take personally—and even make sense of their behaviors.

If you’ve been hurt by men in the past, injuries will heal as you look back on upsetting situations and begin to see what really happened.

You will learn fresh alternatives for dealing with similar issues in the future. As you begin to work in partnership with men, any residual anger and frustration you may have toward them will dissipate.

“With Christine’s guidance, I have changed the pattern of my dating woes. I now make more appropriate choices regarding potential partners. I recognize more quickly if I should spend time getting to know someone or move on. In past relationships, I have spent YEARS in limbo. I also have greater confidence in myself and a clearer picture of what I have to offer and what I should expect. A better understanding of the opposite sex and how they think has greatly improved my ability to communicate. As I navigate the dating world there is less angst and I have a much larger scope of where to actually go in the city to meet eligible singles! Dating has become a more positive experience. I have introduced Christine to friends and each have said they were enlightened by her informed suggestions. Than you Christine for your continued insightful wisdom and advice!”



The Fascinating Stuff You’ll Learn

AUDIO 1: Why don’t men seem to get it? Why do they act like cavemen?

All behaviours we see today in men and women can be traced back to the beginning of time. So let’s start there. We cover the characteristics of Hunters & Gatherers, including differing styles of vision, differing styles of environment awareness and overall differences in how we each approach daily tasks.

We look at a typical day with similar situations but through the eyes of a man and then through the eyes of a woman.

AUDIO 2: Why don’t men seem to listen to me?

We will look at how differently men and women listen. I know you’ve been in many situations where either a man seemed incommunicative or he didn’t seem to be listening to you. We’ll go into why and I’ll give you tools on fixing that up! Prepare to listen and be listened to on a whole new level.

AUDIO 3: I want my man to protect and provide without making me feel weak – is this possible?

We will look at the varying roles we play in everyday life and how we can learn to be that powerful woman AND the amazing, authentic partner all at the same time. We often think we need to be either one or we hide our strengths so as not to ‘intimidate’ men. This will stop.

AUDIO 4: Men hurt my feelings and then think I am overreacting when I want to talk about it.

One of the biggest sources of conflict between men and women is our relationship to our feelings and opinions. Women’s feelings are where they identify their Self. Women’s feelings are the most true thing about us.

Opinions are the equivalent to feelings for men. A man’s opinion is as important to him as a woman’s feelings are to her. His opinions are closely tied to who he is and the information he has been able to validate and he will staunchly defend them. Any time he speaks his opinion, he is revealing who he is. Unlike women, men are more likely to trust facts, not feelings and this is where conflicts arise.

AUDIO 5: I change my behaviour for him but he doesn’t want to change for me. Why not?

The effect of criticism on women is that we are motivated to change! We will automatically begin adapting. If someone at work says they don’t like our sweater, we likely won’t wear it to work again. We may be resentful but we’ll change. The effects of criticism on women are WHY women criticize men and are then shocked when men don’t instantly change!

The effects of criticism on men are much different and they in fact filter your criticism through 5 mental steps. I’ll reveal them all!

I’ll also give you insight into the effects of appreciation. Whoa, life-changer!

AUDIO 6: Do I have to choose between nice-guy and chemistry-guy or can I have both?

When a woman feels chemistry, it is literal because she is feeling the effects of dopamine and testosterone. Women are addicted to chemistry and like any drug addict, we only want to date pushers or the guys who can give us our ‘fix’. A woman will go on a date with a guy and tell her friends that he was a really nice guy but she won’t see him again because he didn’t give her her ‘drug’ or high levels of chemistry.

Men are just as affected by chemistry and will contort themselves ‘just to get that girl’. A man can barely put two words together in front of a woman he feels intensely attracted to. The chemical response eclipses his spirit.

I’ll share with you how you can balance your need for chemistry with your need to fully be yourself.


Why don’t men seem to share their emotional side with me?

In this bonus topic, we will look at feeling physically safe vs. feeling emotionally safe. For women, we’ve been aware of the importance of feeling physically safe in our environments for as long as we can remember. However, for men and relationships, the question they ask themselves is “do I feel emotionally safe?”. Men have a warrior-like relationship with information they think may make them vulnerable and will only reveal things when they know it can’t be used against them. I will show you how creating emotional safety in a relationship is key in deepening the connection both men and women crave.

Ready to finally understand the inner-workings of the male brain?

For 6 days + a bonus 7th day, I will deliver right to your inbox a fascinating audio on the male brain. Over the last 10 years, I have held focus groups with thousands of men and the results are all shared here. No sugar-coating, just real, true facts on how men think!

Thank you Christine for your beauty, grace, brilliance and generosity – an honor and a pleasure to partner with you. I love you.
Alison Armstrong

CEO of PAX Programs & author of The Queen’s Code