Relationship Coaching with Christine Hart

Hey there, I’m glad you found me! Consider me your new best friend in learning how to live and love authentically.

Why am I so passionate about living and loving authentically?

Too many of us aren’t being honest with ourselves. We’re leading a life that is “fine” where we “kind of” feel good. We take that energy into our relationships and wonder why we’re struggling. If we can live more authentically, we can love more authentically. And that deep connection is what we crave. Not sometime in the future, not after (insert excuse), but starting right now. I believe in you.

Want help reconnecting with yourself and your partner?

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Your coaching this year was a huge contribution to me. Telling me to ‘protect the Queen’ was a turning point for me in setting boundaries and asking for what I need. BC/AC (Before Christine/After Christine) – I’ll never be the same and I’m forever grateful. I love you.

I am so thankful that I started coaching with you. I think just the decision to do things differently and take action to move me closer to my long term goals, has made all the difference. I am feeling happier and more confident than ever – what a gift! Thank you Christine!”

I am so happy that I had the chance to connect with you personally. You’re so generous with yourself. I admire you and your wisdom and who you show up as in the world. You hold a space that provides comfort and confidence. I have enjoyed all my coaching calls with you. Thank you for your support.

Coaching for Women in a Relationship

Coaching for Individuals and Couples

Helping you reconnect with yourself and your partner so you can finally feel that deep connection you crave.

SOS Relationship Help

This is for you if you are needing help yesterday. You find yourself confused, in conflict with your partner and generally disconnected to your true self.

Investment: $2500 or 3 payments of $900

We work together for 3 months
– 1 x 90-minute call about what’s going on in your world and your immediate concerns
– 2 x monthly 60 minute calls to provide guidance and help you stay on track
– Unlimited Text Messaging support
– option to add on a VIP Immersion Weekend at any point for a reduced rate


VIP Immersion

This is an opportunity to get away from it all and work 1:1 with me in a beautiful, majestic environment.

Investment: one payment of $5000 or two payments of $2575


Inside the Male Brain

So many women were coming to me super frustrated with the men in their lives. Rarely were they on the same page as men let alone able to create harmonious relationships. So I decided to interview a ton of men and condense what I learned from them into an audio series.

Investment: $47

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