Hey there, I’m glad you found me.

Consider me your new best friend in learning how to build
amazing relationships in both your business and personal life.

Relationships are often seen as a soft skill but the truth is, relationships drive it all. If things aren’t great at home, your work life is affected. If things aren’t great at work, your home life is affected. My friend, there’s no escaping.

Other human beings are the most complex thing to navigate and the better we become at communication, the more stress free life becomes.


Why am I so passionate about effective communication?

Well I’ve seen a lot in my 17 years as a Communications Consultant. I’ve seen business partnerships dissolve because of poor communication when they didn’t have to. I’ve seen top talent leave companies because they weren’t feeling heard or appreciated. I’ve seen couples jump to divorce before even getting a chance to learn how to effectively communicate what they need.

Does some of this sound familiar ?

Ways I can help
your business or organization


Lucky for you, I come equipped with both a strategic marketing brain and a relationships-focused brain. This skillset has allowed me to wear many hats as a consultant. Here are a few:

  •   Project Manager
  •   HR counsel
  •  Team Developer
  •  Marketing Manager
  •   Communications Strategist
  •  “The Voice of Reason”. You name it, I have proudly worn that hat.

I bring a bounty of resources, marketing + communication expertise, clear direction and high accountability to all the key services I provide.

I’ve helped a vast array of clients from solopreneurs starting out to tech startups overseeing 70 staff. I’m eager to share the many lessons I have learned on how to grow your startup or existing business the right way, not the hard way.

Whether you need a half day strategy session or a monthly flexible contract, we will find a way to work together that fits you and your goals.

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Ways I can help you

Coaching for Individuals and Couples

Since everything in your life ties together, I also offer coaching specifically for you or you and your partner.

If you are looking for guidance with your existing relationship, I invite you to read more about my:

Couples Coaching Here

If you are looking for guidance in your own love and life goals, I invite you to read more about my:

VIP Immersion Coaching Here

If you are looking for a good place to start in improving your relationships with men, I invite you to read more about:

My Program and Coaching Here

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My Packages

Every business I work with is different so I prefer not to work within the constraints a formal cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all consulting program. You run your own business because you don’t want constraints, right? I bring a bounty of resources, marketing + communication expertise, clear direction and high accountability to all the key services I provide. Depending on what type of guidance you need, here are the 3 most common options I provide


Clarity Session – 90 minutes

Spinning your wheels? You are overwhelmed with ideas and you want to know which ones you should focus on first. Together, we will map out the next 30-60-90 days so you are crystal clear on your action steps. Learn how to distinguish between “busy” and “productive” so you can make more money, yesterday.

Option to add on bi-weekly follow-up accountability calls.


Half-Day Strategy Session – 4 hours

We will take a closer look at your business. Is your messaging, business model and offerings in alignment with your actual goals? Together, we will undo the pesky knots and get you back on track with clear step-by-step direction for the next phase of your business.

Option to add on bi-weekly follow-up accountability calls.


Customized Consulting – on-going

You need some help with marketing, some time on branding, some attention to streamlining your internal/external communication and maybe even a sprinkle of HR work. I’ve got you covered. I have proudly held the title of “Gap-Filler” with new startups and SME’s that need help but don’t want long term contracts or someone who is too narrowly focused. You need someone to handle everything to do with marketing and communications and also be “people focused”. I’m that person.

What clients are saying

I was looking to better organize my business to maximize it’s potential. I had been flying by the seat of my pants and winging it for 9 years. Christine is full of creative ideas for change. I felt good having my random thoughts and ideas put into software with a fun support team who would hold me accountable to complete my goals. I felt excited and motivated to grow my business with a clear purpose of what, why and how. I like how she doesn’t let me get away with my tendency to procrastinate. She makes me feel like my goals are possible and she pushes me to want more for my business. The cost of working with Christine is easily paid off by the added income easily generated from my new financial goals.

Dana Blonde Owner, The Yoga Shala

Christine’s guidance has been one of the best investments for me this year. Already I have saved over $4,000 and many, many hours of time from being wasted. Our conversations centre around candid advice that is practical and works. I have relaunched my product line, and have strategies, book recommendations and insightful resources. Christine has given me the courage to launch new business expansion ideas. Thank you so much!

Adedoyin Omotara Owner, Adoniaa Beauty

Want to know more about how I can help? It starts with a FREE 20 minute call

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