Christine Hart

Communications Consultant

Entrepreneur | Advisor | Speaker

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw


Christine Hart has a passion for creating innovative and strategic solutions for marketing and communication challenges. She draws on a proven history of project management, start-up advisory, facilitating trainings and workshops and 10 years as a relationship coach.

Christine has been a valued advisor and communications consultant to over 15 businesses, ranging from 1-70 employees. She is best known for her out-of-the-box approach to marketing and growth, her resourcefulness as well as her ability to foster talent and build capabilities within teams. She has worked with a wide variety of businesses including several tech start-ups.

Christine has successfully built three of her own businesses. Her first was in Film + Television. Her second was in the event space and after 3 and 6 years respectively, she sold both companies in order to build her third. Her third business was a coaching service for singles and couples, focusing on effective communication. Through this she was interviewed by over 200 media outlets, was the expert for a full season on CosmoTV and developed an online program to train and certify coaches through Hart Coaching Academy.

Christine combines her entrepreneurial background with her passion for effective communication and marketing to help businesses reach their growth targets.

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Book Christine as a Speaker

DSC_0186Christine is available to speak at seminars, retreats and conferences. Her insightful wisdom and entertaining character is ideal for groups of any size. Topics are customizable and cover the themes of effective communication in both the workplace and personal relationships.

Sample of Topics:

Gender Intelligence in the Workplace

The workplace environment is all about relationships. So many of the common disagreements can be traced back to basic genetic differences between men and women. Once we truly understand where the opposite sex is coming from and why they respond in certain ways, we create the possibility of spending less time in frustration. Creating a healthy work environment goes beyond team building exercises. If employees start to identify all the common and often humorous misconceptions we have about the opposite sex, they can quickly become more effective, productive and efficient, while building positive co-worker relations.

The Art of Feminine Leadership

Busy, modern women often get disconnected from their feminine side. The misconception is that in order to succeed and be a leader, women feel they need to be in their masculine. The consequences are that too much time in our masculine side is directly correlated to burnout and often, illness. We take a look at current leaders from all over the world who exemplify success with grace and take note of exactly how they do it.