I’m Christine Hart

I help women reconnect with themselves and start leading their life from a place of empowered choice so they can finally feel the deep, authentic joy they crave.

Is my relationship fixable?

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What Is “Relationship” Coaching?

Relationships can be hard…but they don’t have to be. We often hope for the best when it comes to relationships but the reality is, communicating and connecting with your partner is a learned skill. Coaching guides you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s different from therapy which is provided by a trained psychologist or psychotherapist who can delve into deeper issues like trauma, addictions, etc.

Life + Relationship Coaching is more like meeting with a very experienced friend who sees your absolute potential and teaches you the skills on how to get there.

With relationships, I will identify the gaps and share with you things like specific communication styles that both feel authentic to you and open up deeper conversations with your partner.

With your overall life, I will show you how to reconnect with true self so that have you feel confident, on track and grounded. I am passionate about helping my clients live in their truth and be fully self-expressed in all they do.

Who Is “Relationship” Coaching For?

The coaching I offer is designed for women who can relate to any or all of these statements:

✔ I’m “going through the motions” in my relationship
✔ I don’t want to be intimate with my husband/partner
✔ I don’t know how to resolve conflict effectively
✔ Every conversation turns into an argument
✔ I’m thinking of having an affair
✔ I don’t feel valued or cherished by my partner
✔ I don’t feel connected to my body
✔ I feel worn out by life’s demands
✔ No one knows how unhappy I am in my relationship
✔ My joy for life seems to be gone
✔ I don’t feel passionate about my life and interests
✔ I used to be fun and outgoing but not anymore

What is The Process Like?

You are in a difficult spot already, so I want to make the process of working with me as easy as possible for you.

1) We begin with a 30 minute free Discovery Call….

In this free Discovery Call, we’ll delve into what is currently going on in your world. I’ll listen and offer some insight for you to consider.

2) If we are a good fit, we will discuss….

which coaching package will best support you, either my SOS Relationship Help or my VIP Immersion.

3) We’ll get started!

With my SOS Relationship Help, we’ll open our calendars and book in your initial deep dive 90-minute call (or in-person if you are local) so I can get a full overview of everything that is going on in your world. Then we’ll book in your bi-weekly calls and I’ll give you access to my anytime chat service. Literally, you can reach out to me anytime and I’ll get back to you. I become your confidant and coach and we work together to get you relating and connecting to your partner and yourself on a whole new level.
If you choose a VIP Immersion, I take care of all the details and greet you at the castle of your choice on the day of your choice.

Coaching Packages

Relationship Transformation System

Move from Relationship Conflict to Deep Connection in 90 Days.
This is for you if you’re needing help yesterday. You find yourself confused, in conflict with your partner and generally disconnected to your true self.

VIP Immersion

This is an opportunity to get away from it all and work 1:1 with me in a beautiful, majestic environment.

Inside the Male Brain

So many women were coming to me super frustrated with the men in their lives. Rarely were they on the same page as men, let alone able to create harmonious relationships. So I decided to interview a ton of men and condense what I learned from them into an audio series.

Hey there, I’m Christine and I’m glad you’ve found me.

I’ve been working with women who are struggling with their relationships for over 17 years. My interest in human dynamics started in University where I was always the go-to person for insight into relationships. Then I operated a singles events company, followed by working as a coach helping many, many singles find true love. I later became very interested in “how do you create a deeply connected relationship and still feel fully self-expressed?”. Over the years, and in pursuit of the recipe, I sought out mentors, I studied, I read, I listened, and listened some more. Until I really understood the patterns and how to fix them. Now, I get to hear “Christine, I really wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for you.” That is music to my ears. 🙂

Too many of us aren’t truly living and too many of us aren’t asking for what we want in our lives and in our relationships. Mostly because we don’t know how…


“Wow! You are a fantastic coach and a wonderful cheerleader. Your energy is a radiant light of love, support, compassion and empowerment.”

“You are such an inspiration. Your heart shines through your eyes. Thank you for taking such good care of me – every piece of advice you gave was right on and helped me grow. Thank you.”

“I love your enthusiasm, your generosity and your love of helping others. You saved me more than once from being stuck. You inspired me and pushed me to be more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“When living and loving authentically, your life truly opens up.
There’s no benefit in living a half-expressed life. This isn’t a dress rehearsal.”

~Christine Hart

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Is My Relationship Fixable?